Snake Catcher Eltham

24/7 Venomous Snake Catcher based in Eltham. If you have a snake on your property, do NOT panic. Keep watch of the snake from a safe distance and call SNAKE CATCHER ELTHAM on 0403875409.

24/7 Snake Catcher Eltham

Snake Catcher Eltham

24/7 Snake Catcher in Eltham.

Snake Handler Eltham

We Handle any venomous snakes

Snakes Found in Eltham

Learn about Eltham’s snakes.

Eltham Snake Removal

We remove snakes from your Property.

See a snake on your Eltham property?

Fastest Snake Catcher in Eltham

With the fastest snake catcher response times in Eltham, you know to call Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter as your local Eltham Snake Catcher. If you have a snake on your premises, assume it is venomous. Immediately step back from the snake and do not let others (including children and pets) near the snake.

Following keep watch of the snake from a safe distance. Do NOT put yourself at risk. Then Call Eltham Snake Catcher Mark Pelley on 0403 875 409. Follow my instructions on the phone to keep


you and your family safe. Being a 24/7 venomous snake catcher, I am always ready and on patrol around the Eltham area ready to catch a snake. In peak hour traffic, I usually am on the motorbike so I can bypass stationary cars to arrive quicker. Once I arrive to your house in Eltham or nearby surrounds, I will catch the snake and remove it from the premises.

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24/7 Emergency Snake Catcher

24/7 Snake Catcher Eltham

The Snake Hunter is a genuine 24/7 Snake Catcher. We catch snakes in Eltham all hours. Frequently, we get called to houses in spring and summer in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning. We are happy to attend any time day or night.

Emergency Snake Handler

As a fully insured and experienced emergency snake handler, Snake Catcher Eltham can handle any type of Australian (or overseas) venomous snake. Do NOT attempt to handle the snake yourself. Leave it to the professional Eltham Snake Handlers on 0403875409.

Professional Snake Removals

Snake Catcher Eltham is a professional snake removal service. We pride ourselves on our timeliness, qualifications, uniform, abilities and skills in snake removal. We offer tailored advice to helping protect your property and family safe from snakes. Call us today.

Snake Catches in the Media

Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter is your local Eltham Snake Catcher. He frequently appears in the media for catching snakes in Eltham and Melbourne. Mark has appeared in the news for saving people’s lives or otherwise times he’s made interesting news stories. Click on the video below to see more or otherwise click on the link below to learn more.

See a snake in Eltham? Call

0403 875 409

Keep you and your family snake safe

Protecting yourself and loved ones (including pets) from venomous snakes in Eltham can be achieved by following these steps. Remember, NEVER try to handle a snake. Remember that Eltham Snake Catcher offers more that just snake catching services. We also teach dogs to avoid snakes and are regularly used as a consultant about snake safety. Click on the buttons to the right to learn more.

What do I do if I see a snake in Eltham?

If you see a snake on your Eltham property, do NOT panic. Keep all people and pets away from the snake and watch it from a safe distance. Immediately call ELTHAM SNAKE CATCHER Mark Pelley on 0403875409  who will attend promptly to safety remove the snake. The snake will be carefully relocated to a location away from humans back into its natural habitat. For more information go to

How do I protect my Eltham property from snakes?

It is important to know that nothing can 100% prevent snakes from entering your property. There are some steps you can take to help protect your house and backyard including: 1. Keep all rubbish removed. 2. Keep gardens neat and tidy including cutting bushes so that you can see the ground underneath. 3. Snake repellents and snake proof fencing are ineffective. 4. Keep The Snake Hunter – Eltham Snake Catcher’s number 0403875409 on speed dial. 5. Teach your family to be aware of snakes. 6. Train dogs to avoid snakes

How do I protect my dog from snakes in Eltham?

The only effective way to help your dog avoid snakes is to teach it to avoid snakes with our Canine Snake Avoidance Training Program. In this 2 day training regime, your dog will learn to avoid snakes when he/she sees or smells a snake. To learn more go to

How Do I Treat A Snake Bite?

The best medicine is prevention. If you avoid a snake and do not harrass or harm it, you are far less likely to get bitten. However if you are bitten by a snake,  immediately dial ‘000’ and follow their instructions. For information about the treatment of snake bites, go to

What types of snakes are in Eltham?

All snakes endemic to Eltham are venomous. Within Eltham I have found Eastern Tiger Snakes, Eastern Brown Snakes, Lowland Copperheads, Red Bellied Black Snakes, Little Whip Snakes, Small Eyed Snakes and White Lipped Snakes. For more information about these snakes go to our “ELTHAM SNAKES” page

Happy Eltham Clients I’ve Caught A Snake For:

Mark came out tonight to catch a massive tiger snake… He was absolutely fantastic and I cannot recommend him more highly. Arrived within 5 minutes …. 5 stars just doesn’t seem enough.


Mark was so fantastic today. We had quite a large tiger snake in our back yard and we learnt so much about snakes. Thank you so much for catching the snake


Just had Mark come out and fish a tiger snake out of our drinking water tank. It took him less than 10-15min to get to our house. He was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable …


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