Eltham Snake Handler

A snake handler is someone who can safely handle snakes including Eltham’s venomous snakes. With 7 years experience, if you have a snake on your property, call Eltham Snake Handler Mark Pelley.

Eltham Snake Handler

Mark Pelley is your local Eltham snake handler. Operating 24/7 We can handle any snake that enters your premises.

Being a 24/7 Snake Handler in Eltham means that no matter what time of day or night, we are available to attend your premises to handle any type of venomous snake. With over 7 years experience as a snake handler dealing with snakes in the Eltham area, The Snake Hunter РELTHAM SNAKE HANDLER are the people to choose. 

We have found snakes in all types of places in Eltham. These include in bathrooms, bedrooms, other parts of the house. In the backyard we have found snakes under rocks, in car ports, under the house and even in cars. It is very common for snakes to enter properties in Eltham as they are endemic to the area. Typical snakes found in the Eltham area include the Eastern Tiger Snake and the Eastern Brown Snake. We have also come across other venomous species of snakes in the Eltham area.

It is important to remember when you see a snake in Eltham to NOT try to handle it yourself. Eltham snakes are extremely venomous and their bite could kill in as little as half an hour. To avoid being bitten by a snake, simply NOT to touch it. If you do NOT harrass or handle a snake in Eltham, then it will not want to bite you.

As a professional and experienced snake handler based in Eltham, we are fully insured as a snake handler to attend your premises, capture and handle the snake, then remove it to a safe suitable location so it can return back to its natural environment away from people and pets.

You can have confidence to know that you and your family are in safe professional hands with The Snake Hunter – Eltham Snake Handler.

Eltham Snake Handler

As Eltham’s premier snake handler, The Snake Hunter has rescued many families from venomous snakes. Watch the video to see how dangerous snakes can be.

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For frequently asked questions to a Eltham Snake Handler, click on the links to find out more!

How Do you Handle a Snake?

The Snake Hunter has extensive training and experience to handle all types of venomous snakes. We do NOT use tongs or any other harsh methods. Instead, all snakes are captured by hand using the most gentle yet effective techniques possible. Do NOT try to copy this.

What happens next?

After we capture and handle the snake in Eltham, it is safely relocated to a place (Far away from Eltham) to be returned back into its natural habitat. NOTE: We do NOT kill snakes except if they are so severely injured that they are in pain and cannot survive anyway.

Is a Snake Handler a "Professional" Job?

Yes, to be a snake handler in Eltham we need to be registered with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. The Snake Hunter pride’s himself on professionalism and ensures that each job is performed to be best of his ability while keeping people safe.

Should I just kill or handle the snake myself?

NO! Remember a snake is highly venomous and can kill very quickly. You put yourself at more risk if you go near or try to handle a snake on your Eltham property. We repeat: Do NOT ever try to touch or handle a snake. Instead call us on 0403875409 to get advice on what to do.

Are Eltham Snakes Venomous / Dangerous?

Yes. All snakes endemic to Eltham (Melbourne) are dangerous and venomous. Some are more so than others. The most common snake is the tiger snake which is extremely dangerous and can kill you in as little as half an hour. Click HERE to learn more.

Eltham Snake Handler

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