Snake Removal Eltham

24/7 Venomous Snake Removal in Eltham. If you need a snake removed from your property, call ELTHAM SNAKE REMOVAL.

Snake Removal Eltham

If you have a snake on your property in Eltham, get it removed immediately by Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter. Do not attempt to remove the snake yourself. Instead, give us a call on 0403875409. This red bellied black snake was found trapped in webbing and was successfully removed from a property in Eltham in early 2019.

The most common snake removal in Eltham is the eastern tiger snake. The one in this photo was removed from a bird cage that was surrounded by “snake proof fencing”. The snake bypassed the fencing and unfortunately ate two baby king parrots. The owners were brought to the attention of the snake from the cries of the king parrot parents. Calling me out, I attended quickly and arrived within minutes to save the life of the last baby king parrot and the parents. Neighbours stated that they saw a snake days before in their backyard. This is why it is important that when you see a snake, even if it disappears to still call The Snake Hunter to attend your property to do a search and Eltham Snake Removal.

24/7 Snake Removal Eltham

Snake Removal Eltham

Get a snake removed from your Eltham property immediately. Based in Eltham, Call 0403875409 to get a snake removed.

24/7 Snake Removal Service

We are a 24/7 snake removal service in Eltham. We are available all hours day or night if you see a snake on your Eltham property.

Eltham Snake Removal

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