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Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter is your local Eltham Snake Catcher. To learn more about Mark, scroll down below.

About Mark Pelley

24/7 Snake Catcher

Mark is a 24/7 Snake Catcher Based in Eltham.

K9 Snake Avoidance

Dog Snake Avoidance Training to teach dogs to avoid snakes.

Rescued Reptile Shows

We get rescued reptiles and teach kids to understand native reptiles.

About Mark Pelley – Eltham Snake Catcher.

Mark Pelley (AKA The Snake Hunter) is a Eltham based venomous snake catcher. Mark was born in Melbourne to immigrant parents and is a sole parent of 5 beautiful young daughters. Mark has an extensive and diverse educational and work background including in the fields of: psychology, government, security, health, migration law and more. However, his passion is and always has been animals. Mark Pelley is fully insured and registered as a Snake Catcher and Handler. He also offers

reptile shows for the family, your business, school or government agencies. Most of the animals for our reptile show are rescued animals either as pet shop rejects, reptiles that people cannot look after or who were injured. These reptiles have a new life teaching people about how to be safe and better understand Australia’s amazing endemic reptiles. For more information about Mark Pelley, contact us or go to the main website or

Mark Pelley


About Mark Pelley

Mark Pelley the Snake Hunter is a 24/7 Venomous snake catcher. Mark can handle any type of venomous snake that you can find in your property.


Mark Pelley in the Media

Mark Pelley frequently appears in the media for rescuing people from snakes and once, a crocodile. See the articles, click HERE


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Give Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter – Eltham Snake Catcher a call today on 0403875409 or email us via our contact page.

“We are a small 24/7 family snake catching business based in the North East of Melbourne. If you see a snake, call Eltham Snake Catcher. ”

Mark Pelley -Eltham snake catcher