Snakes In Eltham

For a list of the snakes that can be found in Eltham, scroll down to learn more. If you see a snake, call 0403875409 immediately.

Lowland Copperhead Snake

Lowland copperhead snakes are venomous and are quite common in Eltham. I have removed many of these snakes from the Eltham area.

Eastern Tiger Snake

The most common snake I find in the Eltham area is the Eastern Tiger snake. This is the 5th most venomous snake in the world.

Eastern Brown Snake

This is the 2nd most venomous snake on the planet. Its venom is extremely harmful to humans. I find these snakes in Eltham too.

Red Bellied Black Snake

I have found several deadly Red Bellied Black Snakes in the Eltham area¬† though they’re not typically endemic to the area.

White Lipped Snake

White Lipped Snakes are venomous and infrequently show up in Eltham  homes or backyards but this is very rare.

Little Whip Snakes

Venomous Little Whip Snakes are very small and I have found 2 in Eltham. They’re not common but still occasionally show up.

Small Eyed Snakes

Venomous Small Eyed Snakes have infrequently shown up in Eltham. They are small but dangerous so do not try to handle one of these

Other Snakes Inc. Pythons

Occasionally, snakes from other areas can show up in Eltham. I’ve caught pythons from the North East Coast of Australia in Eltham.

Blue Tongue Lizards

Blue tongue lizards are very common in Eltham and can be mistaken for snakes. If you SUSPECT a snake, call us.